Your most expensive piece? The one you don’t wear.

The cost per use/wear is the best way to calculate the true value of a purchase. Hair is no exception.

I’m totally guilty on this charge. Buying toppers and wigs only for them to sit in my closet. They’re safely tucked away, minding their own business. Not hurting anyone, right?

But their only hope is to be worn because, otherwise, they are just expensive box stuffing.

Toppers and wigs aren’t cheap. Especially if you purchase quality products that you look forward to wearing.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your hair purchases instead of having them take up space:

1. Calculate the true cost of a piece by dividing the purchase price by the expected number of wears. A $1000 topper worn everyday for a year is about $2.74 cents per wear versus that budget piece you got for $500 that you’ve worn twice. $2.74 versus $250 per wear is a huge difference.

2. Recoup some of your cost by selling pieces you aren’t using very often. Even though you will lose money on the sale, your piece will stop collecting dust and it feels liberating to let go of unused items! If you get $300 for your $500 wig, you dropped your price per wear from $250 to $150 and can reinvest these funds for something more suitable.

3. Store your pieces properly. A well kept topper or wig can safely sit in a box for quite some time if you plan to wear it in the future. Storing the piece washed, conditioned, fully dried, tangle free, in a cool, dry place, while maintaining the integrity of the cap in a box is ideal. Try to keep the original box, or buy a sturdy one to protect the hair from dirt, dust and light.

4. Invest in maintenance of your pieces. If they’re sitting idle because they have oxidized, gotten dry, need to be steamed, or have an outdated style, an alternative hair specialist or skilled stylist can help. A new cut, colour, a deep condition, replacing clips, or making cap alterations will greatly improve your hair wearing experience.

5. Avoid making impulsive purchases. A calculated investment into a piece you know you’ll wear comes with research, patience and getting to know your preferences. A hasty purchase can lead to disappointment. I get the temptation to check out as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on your favourite brand’s stock drop, but there’s always going to be another piece that comes along.

6. Pay the restocking fee. If you get some hair mail that just doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to initiate the return process. It can feel like an expensive try-on fee, but an unworn full priced placeholder is even more costly and guilt-producing.

7. Check out all my other tips on avoiding topper/wig disappointment here and here.

Got a piece collecting dust? Consider a revamp or selling it. Some use, or recouping some of the cost is better than nothing!

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