Unpaid review: Yefine Wigs Hair Topper

Usually when wigs and toppers are being reviewed, they are all shiny and brand spankin’ new…They look lovely, healthy, shiny. But it is impossible to know how a piece will hold up over time so this is why I always like reading about well-loved pieces! I’m going to show you my Yefine Wigs hair topper that I purchased in March 2020 to show you how it has held up with regular use and gentle care. If you’ve never heard of Yefine Wigs, they are a wig and topper manufacturer in China.

Wait. You must first glaze over this disclaimer: Buying hair directly from a manufacturer has pros and cons. There are risks involved such as not being able to return a piece, no guarantee on quality, or specifications being lost in translation. Buying directly from a manufacturer allows some flexibility in getting the features you want and typically reduces the cost of the piece you are buying. With that said, plan on spending some additional money on import fees (depending on where you live), brokerage fees, and customization.

If you’re not already following her on Instagram, my friend @thin_hair_flair has a very thorough guide to walk you through the process of purchasing hair directly from a manufacturer. I highly recommend reading and sticking to the guide if you’re thinking of doing this! Also, if you are a first time hair buyer, I urge you to consider buying from a well-known reseller with a generous return policy to avoid making any costly mistakes!

Oh and by the way, this is a vendor I have purchased from 3 times. They have NOT asked me to review their products and I purchased this myself so the views expressed are my own entirely. I first ordered a custom, fully hand tied topper from them in or around April 2019, which I have since sold as my hair had gotten longer than the topper. It was a beautiful, lightweight topper with finer hair. The piece being reviewed today is a stock item I purchased in March 2020.

Manufacturer’s photo of the first topper (custom order) that I purchased from them in 2019. This was by far my favourite piece I’ve owned.
Second topper (the one I’m reviewing) showing the permed curl pattern after a test wash upon receipt.
The curl pattern makes for very easy blending with my biological hair
If you have curly or wavy biological hair, I highly suggest buying a topper that dries with a wave or curl for a more natural blend.

SPECS: 8X8 hair topper with a 4×4 inch hand tied silk top and wefted back; curly (permed); originally ordered in the colour 8 (vendor described the colour as ash brown, however, it had warm undertones from day 1); hair texture unspecified (coarse); 18 inches upon receipt but trimmed to approximately 16 inches; standard density 130%.

This is the piece I get the most questions about on Instagram because pieces that air dry with a curl are hard to come by. Both the colour and curl pattern are a “good enough” match to my biological hair. The density of the piece is high enough that it covers the colour difference easily. Sometimes, with lower density hair toppers, the biological hair can poke through at the back, so if there is not a good match of colour and texture, it can sometimes be noticeable. Check out this video here to see why density matters when it comes to curly hair and toppers:


As I mentioned, this piece was permed to achieve the air dry texture. This is something you can request when ordering direct from a manufacturer, or you can have your stylist perm a piece for you. Permanent solution can be damaging, especially on lighter coloured hair. As you may know, hair used to make toppers, wigs and extensions typically begins as a dark colour and is bleached then re-coloured before it hits the market. The bleaching process is extremely damaging to the hair. In the case of the hair on this particular topper, it is dry despite my best efforts to baby it and to deep condition it regularly. It is unclear what shape the hair was in before processing, but my best guess would say it was healthy hair initially. But it has had the cuticle removed, it has been bleached, it was coloured and permed in the factory, and I have since coloured it as well, so it makes sense that the hair is dry.

This is the hair’s air dry wavy texture after many, many washes (and several wears since the last wash).

It might surprise you to learn that I actually prefer mid-grade hair. Here’s why: the texture of my own hair is dry and frizzy, so it blends more easily with pieces that, too, are dry and a bit on the frizzy side. I do own a very lovely, shiny, straight hair topper with beautiful “European” hair, however, it does not blend well with my own without a significant amount of fussing. Of course, the desired hair texture is based on personal preference. All hair will need maintenance, however, mid-grade hair will need more upkeep and will need to be retired sooner than higher quality hair. This piece is now nearing 9 months old, has endured regular wear, and the silk top is starting to show signs of shedding. My best estimate is that she will last me until spring with gentle use and a good trim, then will need to be repaired or retired.

You can see here that there is a bald spot forming on the silk top after months of wear. I’ve moved the part to disguise this and prolong wearability.

This piece is an 8×8 with a 4×4 silk top and wefted back. I find this cap size very comfortable despite my advanced thinning. I removed the comb from the front of the cap when I received the piece because I know from experience that combs don’t work well for me. The comb isn’t necessarily uncomfortable for me, but it does not offer me any added security as my hair is too “slippery” for the comb and does not prevent the piece from sliding back. I added a “hook and loop gripper” using double sided wig tape to this piece in lieu of the comb. This offers a more secure attachment, however, admittedly, it does add a bit of bulk in the front. I found once the cap was a bit more worn in and better formed to my head, I was able to remove the gripper and rely on the clips only to keep the piece in place. This helps it to sit more flush. The cap sits flat, but not as flat as the first piece I purchased which was fully hand tied. I tend to find hand tied pieces to sit flatter. This piece also needs the bulk flattened with a hot comb after a wash so get rid of the “poofiness” but again this is a personal preference. Some do like the volume on top.

Within the 4×4 silk top, I have had to move the part to be more of a center part than a right side part to cover up the small bare spot from wear and tear. The silk top looks very natural. I do, however, prefer a larger amount of parting space- a 5×5 or the entire cap if possible but this usually requires a custom order. The piece came with 6 pressure sensitive clips. It has one that is now coming loose which is a very easy, quick sewing job to fix, requiring only a needle and thread. If you can sew a button, you can sew a clip. You can add more clips to your hair toppers and wigs for added security, or for the purpose of rotating clips to reduce tension on any sensitive areas or to reduce the risk of traction alopecia.

This is a close up of the silk top in natural light. It looks very realistic.

I spent years colouring my biological hair in my teen years. I stopped colouring it when my thinning became noticeable in the hope that this would rectify the damage and stop it from falling out (I was in denial). This means I’ve been rocking my natural mousey brown bio hair ever since which is incredibly hard to match. Hair that starts out dark will reveal its warm undertones when lightened. This makes it harder for me to find ashy pieces that match. A stylist has been able to get a “close” match for me in the past, and I can also get a close enough match on my own, but this topper taught me a very important lesson about colour matching. It does NOT need to be an exact, or even “close enough” match if the piece has enough dimension. It took a few months of wearing this piece in the factory colour for me to realize that it needed dimension. I added a subtle root and some lowlights in a slightly darker, cooler colour than the base (usually I just dye all of the hair the same colour). This dimension made a world of difference in being able to achieve a satisfying blend. If your piece is feeling dull, there are some great tutorials on YouTube to guide you through the process of sprucing up the colour of your human hair pieces (sorry- you can’t colour synthetic pieces reliably). Not keen on doing it yourself? Check out my post here to find an experienced alternative hair stylist to do it for you.

Purchasing directly from a manufacturer can be risky, but overall, I have been very satisfied with this purchase. It may not have come in a fancy box, but it has been one of the easiest pieces to maintain (because of the perm), and I have appreciated the ease and convenience of the seamless blend with my natural hair. It was an affordable piece as there was no retail markup. Approximate lifespan: anticipating a few more months of use, therefore, I estimate a 1 year lifespan. The quality of the hair was lower than the first piece I ordered, however, the first one was straight so it didn’t have the additional processing. The hair is more coarse than the first piece which had more of a European texture. As for the 3rd piece I bought from them, stay tuned 😉. This cap is well-constructed with a generous base size. The density is suitable for blending with natural curly hair without having required any thinning.

It’s best to avoid brushing through the curls on your piece. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle. You can refresh the curls with a spray bottle as needed.
Tip: You can give your topper a bit of lift at the front using a hot comb. This helps keep the hair off the face .

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