Ask a Seller: Featuring Lucie Ritchie from Rediscover Hair

Lucie Ritchie, owner of Rediscover Hair, a Canadian brand, is here for a Q&A

Everybody, meet Lucie. Lucie, meet everybody! Lucie and I connected on Instagram. You know what’s cool? She, too, is Canadian! I had questions for her, and so did some of the folks who follow me on Instagram, so we jumped on the opportunity to do a Q&A.

Lucie is passionate about helping others through her business, her community, and as a mental health advocate. She prides herself on providing women with top quality Remy, human hair pieces, which, she tells me, are less damaging than traditional extensions (I can totally vouch for this, because I am a topper addict! When used and fitted properly, they are definitely less damaging than clip-in extensions). She designed all the pieces from The Lucie Collection at and is continuing to expand the collection.

To provide other options, Lucie features an excellent synthetic hair brand, Jon Renau, on her platform as well.

Lucie is always looking to give back, and has recently started a campaign to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada (BCSC). A portion of each sale will be donated to the BCSC for the entire month of October. She understands how difficult it can be to deal with hair loss – she’s dealing with it herself. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, she’s happy to answer them. Simply go to the “contact us” page at to connect with her directly.

Well, here goes:

What inspired you to start Rediscover Hair?

After years of buying hair toppers as a customer, I grew more and more frustrated with the expensive price tags and sub-par hair quality. I knew there must be a way to get top quality hair, on comfortable hair topper caps, at a price women can afford. As the saying goes, “if you want something done, do it yourself.” Born was Rediscover Hair (RH), a marketplace where only the best hair toppers, halo hair extensions and wigs are featured. The mission of RH is to provide virtually damage-free options for women seeking to wear alternative hair, all while prioritizing comfort, high end cap construction, and lightweight pieces that blend seamlessly.

How has being a hair wearer yourself shaped the way you conduct business?

I’m there for the customer! I understand they’ve been searching for the very best and I make sure that’s what they get. When I was a customer myself, I remember receiving hair in the mail that wasn’t styled or washed, so I had to wash it and style it myself. At the time, I didn’t have all the tools to effectively style a hair topper, so it wasn’t as easy as it is now. Putting myself in the purchaser’s shoes, I want them to have a great experience from start to finish. When they open the box, I don’t want them to worry about washing it and styling it; they’re buying an elite product, so they should receive elite service. I wash and style every piece before shipping it so purchasers can wear it as soon as they receive it.

What advice do you have for those who are scared to jump into the world of toppers?

Toppers are much easier on women’s hair because they use gravity for support. The piece sits on the head, and clips around the crown for stability. Unlike traditional hair extensions, which hang from women’s hair, toppers don’t rely on hair strands to hold them intact. For this reason, I find toppers to be far less damaging to a wearer’s biological hair. As a bonus, toppers look so natural and they give a completed look. It can be intimidating, but just know you can always reach out with any questions. Alternatively, I would follow these hashtags on Instagram: #HairTopper#HairToppers to see the variety of pieces available on the market. Looking up reviews on YouTube is also a great place to start.

What steps can a customer take to improve their hair buying experience?

Customers should definitely look at YouTube videos to help them see how to put toppers on, view different colours and see what hair types might work best for them. I’ve recently started a YouTube page to help customers learn more about toppers. Here, you’ll see how to wear your topper, which topper is best…Please subscribe to stay in the know:

How do your children react to you wearing different hair?

My kids love it. They sometimes try on my toppers (I have quite a few that I’ve kept for myself) and I tickle them with the hair. It’s a pretty normal phenomenon for us.

How did you know it was time for you to start wearing hair?

As a teenager, I was involved in a lot of modeling and I started wearing traditional hair extensions. As time went on, I was doing a lot of photoshoots on the beach and opted for the bonding extensions, also known as, glue-in extensions. The constant pulling resulted in severe hair loss and most of my hair did not grow back. I had to cut my hair short like that of Audrey Hepburn’s and I wore wigs to hide the loss. As my hair grew, I learned about hair toppers and how they sit on the head, resulting in significantly less pulling. I was sold and have never looked back! It’s been over a decade since I experimented with wigs and toppers and I am so proud of the products I’ve developed for women seeking added volume, or for women who are suffering from hair loss.

Can you give any behind the scenes info about what happens before the pieces land at the customer’s doorstep?

Many hair factories have different methods of sourcing, assembling and so on. Though I can’t speak to how other companies’ execute their affairs, I can speak to the general process of what my factory does. I work with a verified factory that is monitored by a third party company to ensure their legitimacy. Here’s how their hair process generally works:

When the hair arrives to the factory, whether through being purchased or donated, it is in elastic bands to keep the cuticles aligned. This is crucial to ensure the customer will receive Remy Hair; otherwise, the hair risks being sewn on backwards, creating a back-combing effect when it gets brushed by the consumer. If the hair is not Remy, it won’t last as long.

Next, the bands are removed when the hair is placed in a solution to lift out the colour; then, the custom colour is added to the hair, all while maintaining the cuticles’ alignment. Afterwards, the factory workers sew each individual strand of hair onto the signature Rediscover Hair, hair topper caps. Once the pieces are ready, they’re screened for accuracy and shipped to me. I then wash every piece and style them before sending them to each customer.

What do you do as a seller when a supplier sends you a piece that is not up to your standards?

I carefully design hair pieces that women long for; so when I receive subpar products, they don’t make their way to the website. Instead, they are immediately returned to the factory. Luckily, it’s only happened once and the factory manager was quick to fix the error. Mishaps occur in all types of businesses, but it should never make its way to a customer’s hands if it’s not as advertised.

How do you know if you need a wig or a topper?

It’s preference, really. If you have enough hair to clip in a topper, and if you like the idea of blending your own hair with a piece, a topper is for you. Toppers also offer versatility. If you want more volume and length, you can even do a halo/topper combo, (new to If you have no hair at all, a wig will be your best bet; however, many women with hair also like wigs because they can change their hair colour in seconds, among other things. (Shameless plug: We are expanding our store to offer a greater variety of wigs in Spring of 2021).

Advice for hard to match colours?

Get a highlighted piece. Highlights help to camouflage where the topper begins and where your bio hair begins. It’s one of the easiest ways to blend. Another option is to look for toppers that have blended colours, if highlights aren’t for you.

How long can I expect a topper to last without drying out?

This is a tough question; mainly because, it depends how you care for it and if the topper is a Remy topper. At Rediscover Hair, we have a collection called, The Lucie Collection, which consists of Remy and virgin Remy European hair toppers, halos, and soon: wigs. Because of the quality of the pieces, you can expect the hair to last approximately 3 years with proper care.

How to not feel fake or awkward when wearing hair

I promise, you’ll get used to it. It may take time, but eventually, you’ll flaunt that hair piece as though it grew out of your own scalp.

When I first started wearing wigs and toppers, at approximately 22-years-old, I felt like the entire world knew that Lucie was wearing a wig! The reality is, no one knew – not even my family members! Seriously.

It’s understandable that ‘change’ can spark some anxieties. It’s like anything, the more you do something, the less strange it becomes. In this case, you’ll fall in love with the 5 second hair routine, and with the unlimited options you’ll have access to for your hair goals.

As a bonus, you’ll get a salon ready look without actually going to the salon!

It really sucks losing hair, but alternative hair can really help bring back your favourite styles, or spark new ideas for styles you’ll want to try. Regardless, it’s YOUR hair. Just because you didn’t grow it, doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. You bought it, you own it – so do just that – own it!

There you have it! Lucie from Rediscover Hair on all our burning questions. Thank you, Lucie. I am so glad we have connected, and that hair loss, of all things, has brought us together to share this information.

Would you like to see another “Ask a Seller” segment?

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